EXPERIENCE: Sierra started her bridal career in 2016 after spending many years of  assisting her friends get glammed up for cheer competitions and school formals. She helped create Glam to Go in 2019 and now educates our support makeup artist.


SPEICALITY: Mature Skin + Women of Color + Everything Glam 

LOVES: Working with the brides and bridesmaids on each end of the glam spectrum while assisting them you in finding the spot they feel  most beautiful. Loves watching the bride radiate the room after she's in her gown and veil. 

LARGEST PARTY: 21 Bridesmaids + the Bride

FEATURED IN: Brand Model Magazine x2

FUN FACT  She can't ride a bicycle. 

Sierra Tilley-Phillips 

Master MUA, Manager, Educator 

Featured Work:

Issues #76 + #430

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