Company Policies

BOOKING REQUIREMENTS- Glam to Go requires a signed contract, 20% deposit of the final balance, and a card placed on file in order to officially secure your date.  Service location must be within 1 hour of our service radius for any party under FIVE. Parties receiving  6 or more of the same services can exceed the 1.5 hour service radius for additional travel fees .Glam to Go will hold the desired date for 48 hours to give you time to complete all three booking requirements. 


CONTRACT- Glam to Go sends all contracts through DocuSign . Each contract is password protected to ensure the privacy of the  information stays secure. DocuSign allows you to e-sign and review the contract from any device, making it faster and  more convenient. After the contract is reviewed and e-signed, Glam to Go will review the contract to confirm full completion. Glam to Go will resend any  incomplete contracts to be corrected. The contract must be returned with all required corrections within 48 hours in order to reserve your date. Glam to Go is not liable should a client back out of their special day and the client will still be held responsible for the contract. 

DEPOSIT- Glam to Go requires 20% of the final balance to be paid as a non refundable deposit at the time of booking. The deposit goes towards the final balance for services provided on the contracted date. 

CARD ON FILE- Glam to Go requires a card to be placed on file in order to secure your date. Glam to Go reserves the right to utilize the card on file to render payment for any remaining balance, fees, or traveling expenses when indicated to do so by  the guidelines within the contract. Card information can be saved to Glam to Go files by using the designated area at the end of the contract. 

PAYMENTS - The remaining balance is due 60 days prior to the contracted wedding date. Glam to Go can send invoices through Square to each individual paying party upon request.

CONTRACT REVISIONS- Changes can be made to the contract within 90 days prior to the contracted wedding date. All adjustments made to the final contract must meet the  booking requirements listed in the contract. Revised service totals that do not meet our  booking requirements will result in Glam to Go terminating the finalized contract, if not corrected. Updates made to the service total must be submitted to Glam to Go  in writing. The revised contract must be dated and re-signed whenever a change is made. 

TRAVEL FEE AND RADIUS- Glam to Go service radius is  determine by the following address:

203 Jefferson Avenue 

Colonial Heights, Virginia 23834

An additional $50 will be added to the final balance for every hour of additional travel time required outside of our 1.5 hour service radius. The bride  is responsible for providing a hotel room for Glam to Go’s team members when traveling to any location outside of our 3 hours radius to perform scheduled services. Airfare may be required for all traveling Glam to Go members when the  contracted location requires more than 5 hour travel time. 

HOILDAYS– An additional $200 fee for each scheduled Glam to Go Lead Artist will be added to the final balance for any services provided on the following holidays:

New Years Eve + Day | Easter  | Independence Day  | Thanksgiving  | Christmas Eve + Day 

Additional travel fees may be required to accommodate for extended travel times due to holiday traffic. 

START TIME– Glam to Go may schedule multiple contracts in one day. Glam to Go reserves the right to adjust your start time as needed to fulfill all contracts within their contracted time frame.  Glam to Go will respect any ‘time of entry restriction’ to the best of their timelines ability. An additional $100 fee for each artist will be added to the final balance when required to arrive before 7:00am or after 5:00pm on the contracted wedding date. 

CANCELLATION/RESCHEDULING -Glam to Go reserves the right to cancel any contract or scheduled service at any time. Glam to Go reserves the right to charge the card placed on file at the time of booking in the event of any cancellation or contract updates that breaks the following guidelines: 

60 Days Prior =The full final balance | 90 Days Prior = 50% of the final balance

Glam to Go will transfer all prepaid funds and the non refundable deposit to your new contracted wedding date, if available, when rescheduling.

REFUND POLICY- Glam to Go reserves the right to cancel any contract or scheduled service at any time. The  non-refundable deposits made at the time of booking are never refunded under any circumstance.  Glam to Go reserves the rights to issue or withhold any refund requested in the following, but not limited to, events;

  • State mandates resulting in forced closure of our business

  • COVID-19 +  all future pandemics. 

  • Guidelines issued by the state of the service location that prevent our artist from performing requested services. 

  • Acts of God, riots, severe weather, natural disaster or any other event that creates dangerous or unstable travel conditions.

  • Mandatory evacuation of our home base or the service location. 

  • Power outage at the service location. 

  • Any other guideline or company policy stated in the contract

  • Any invoices paid towards a canceled contract that results in the full or partial balance being paid. 

 COVID19- Glam to Go  reserves the right to cancel any scheduled service or contract due to COVID-19. Glam to Go reserves the right to refuse services to any client that is showing the following symptoms;

Temperature above 100.4 | Cough | Shortness of breath |Headache | Sore throat | Flu like symptoms 

During the 2019/2020  global pandemic, it is Glam to Go’s top priority to keep our clients and employees healthy and safe. Due to current state regulations, Glam to Go reserves the right to request a separate room to perform all contracted services.

ACTS OF GOD- In the event of the following circumstances, Glam to Go reserves the right to cancel any scheduled service or contract due to, but not limited to, the following;

  • Natural disasters, such as: hurricanes, flooding, tornado warnings, snow, ice storm, tsunami, earthquake, etc. 

  • Any weather condition that puts Virginia, or the state of the service location, under a state of emergency

  • Acts of terrorism 

Rescheduling due to Acts of God will not result in being charged a rescheduling fee,  Deposits are non refundable, and all refund requests due to an act of God will not be considered. 

WEDDING DAY TIMELINE -Glam to Go will work with you when creating your day of timeline. Glam to Go reserves the right to select the start time during the  contracted time frame with the service location. Glam to Go often accepts multiple contracts for the same day, therefore, remaining on site services must be included in your finalized contract. After all services have been completed, Glam to Go will NOT stay longer than 45 minutes only, when available, to reenact getting ready photos. Glam to Go requires the beauty timeline to allow for 30-45 minutes for each service, and one hour for bridal services. Glam to Go is not responsible if any scheduled services are not completed by the desired finishing in the following events;

  • Wedding party is late arriving at the service  location.

  • Fail to notify us of a “time of entry” restriction.

  • Your wedding planner creates an unrealistic time frame for completion and refuses to make necessary adjustments to accommodate our request.

  • Failure to follow the contract's “getting ready instructions” guidelines, resulting in a necessary blowout. 

  • Contracted party members refuse to start services because, “they want to be last.”

  • A member of your party has a product build up resulting in a necessary shampoo or blowout. 

  • If brow waxing was done within the last 24 hours. 

  • Glam to Go’s late arrival due to an Act of God, serve weather, or any other unforeseen circumstances that could not be avoided  creating dangerous travel conditions.

GETTING READY INSTRUCTIONS -In order to better serve you, we ask that everyone comes with CLEAN, DRY, NON-FLAT IRONED hair, and most importantly, arrives on time. Glam to Go is not responsible if your desired finish time is not met due to these instructions not being followed;

  • We understand that most believe that dirty hair makes for a better updo. However, we have a wide variety of products to accommodate any hair type in any weather. Our products work best on clean, dry hair!

  • We are unable to curl previously flat ironed hair and will require an add-on shampoo/blow dry, if the getting ready location allows. 

  • Trying to stay on schedule is very important! Being 15 minutes late can put the entire bridal party behind, and we don’t want anyone to be late on this special day.

  • Be cautious of any possible product buildup. We typically run into this issue with grandmothers that use hairspray every day. When hot tools are used on a client with a product build up, the heat will cause the old product to warm up and form a sticky film around the hair. The sticky film prevents us from forming the hair into the desired shape. Talk with your stylist, prior to the wedding, if you believe you or a family member might have a product build up.

  • Waxing should be done at least 72 hours before the wedding. Soft wax can remove the top layer of skin and prevent ANY skin makeup to properly attach and cover. There’s nothing we can do to provide full coverage if this instruction is not followed.


GRATUITY- Gratuity can be added to the final balance at any time. Cash and checks can be accepted at the service location. Contracted parties of 6 or more will have  18% gratuity added to their final balance at the time of booking. 

Frequently Asked Questions

WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED?: We are based out of the Tri- Cities, Va and base our travel radius off of Old Towne, Petersburg

 VIRTUAL vs IN PERSON PREVIEW?: A virtual preview is a great way to meet your artist before your big day, without actually seeing your vision come to life. You will video chat with your artist to go over your day of beauty vision and get an idea of what to except the day of! Your artist will give you recommendations and instructions on how to prep. It takes about 30 minutes and can be scheduled before + after hours (we've got ya covered, early birds and night owls). 

An in-person preview in done at a location of your choosing and brings your day of beauty vision to life!  We are currently strictly mobile with big plans of owning a store next year! Until then, we will travel to your home,  or venue and will create your vision as if you were about to walk down the aisle that day! 

MY MOM IS NERVOUS ABOUT WHAT SHE WANTS. CAN YOU HELP HER BEFORE THE WEDDING?: Absolutely! We understand that most mothers want to look like their self, but want to do something a little more formal for the wedding! This is completely normal. We work with this every day and can offer a trial run to help calm their nerves! 

WHAT'S THE BEST WAY TO CONTACT YOU?: The fastest response will come from Facebook and our Website! We receive a T O N of emails everyday and do our best staying on top of all of them. Sometimes your email can get lost or sent to spam, and we may not see it! 

All of our Glam Girls have professional pages along with there personal accounts of Facebook. It's best to message their professional account so your message doesn't get lost in their request folder. 

Our website chat box is always available with notifications being sent to our phones! We will respond to those message as quickly as possible. 

The manager assigned to your wedding day may give you their personal cell number for the quickest response time! If this would work best for you, ask! 

Facebook: @glamtogoamelia | Mesa: @MesaBridalHair | Savana: @SlayedBySavana 

I HAVE AN ALLERGY LISTED ON THE BOOKING PAGE. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN FOR ME?: Don't worry! We can still service you. If you have an known or possible allergy to Latex, bananas, apples, avocados, carrots, celery, chestnuts, kiwi, melons, and tomatoes, that simple means we will only use Latex Free products on you! The foods listed above contain a similar acid found in latex. If you are allergic to one of them, you may be allergic to latex too! Your safety is our top priority and rather be safe than sorry! 

CAN I SCHEDULE A IN PERSON PREVIEW AFTER BOOKING A VIRTUAL PERVIEW? Absolutely! You can book both if you'd prefer! Virtual previews are currently complimentary. 

HOW MANY PEOPLE DO I NEED TO BOOK?: The amount of people in your party will determine how far we will travel!

We will travel up to ONE HOUR from Old Towne, Petersburg for a party with FOUR or less people.

We will travel up to ONE AND A HALF HOURS for parties SIX or more.

We will travel further than 1.5 hours for larger parties, but require an additional travel fee. 

We require a minimum of $250 to book parties less than THREE people.

HOW CAN I PAY?: We accept Square,  Venmo, and Checks! We can send you an invoice or money request to make things easier for you! Checks can be made out to Glam to Go. You can always tip your stylist however works for you two! 

We do have a $50 fee for all returned checks.

CAN YOU WORK WITH ALL HAIR TEXTURES AND HAIR TYPES?: Yes, we can! We have seven years of experience in the bridal industry, along with our owner, Mesa, being a licensed cosmetology instructor. We can accommodate all skin + hair colors and types!   

CAN I UPDATE MY CONTRACT?: Yes, absolutely! You can make changes to the service location and service totals up to 90 days prior to your big day! Revision request must be submitted in writing (by the bride only). 

HOW SECURE IS MY CONTRACT AND PERSONAL INFORMATION?: Your safety and security is our T O P priority. We send all contracts through DocuSign to ensure your maximum security when singing online. We will only speak to you about revisions or cancellations of your contract and will only send a copy to YOU, when requested. The contract is only viewed by our managers. Our Glam Girls only receive a wedding day detail summary from management! 

WHY DO YOU NEED MY CARD NUMBER TO BOOK?: We keep that safely in our secure records for your convenience and our protection. The bride is responsible for the final balance, including day of add-ons and unpaid invoices. We only run your card when you ask us to, or when a service has not been paid for. 

DO YOU REALLY ADD ON GRADUITY FOR PARTIES LARGER THAN SIX?: Yes, we do! Don't worry, gratuity can be evenly divided between you and your girls with individual invoices. 

DO YOU ACCEPT PAYMENT PLANS?: We want to work with you in every way that we can! Contact us to see what we can offer and work out with you!

HOW LONG DO YOU TAKE THE DAY OF?: We have artists that work at multiple speeds! We typically schedule each service for 30 minutes when creating our timeline. We also work with support artist to help our leads work faster, but still provide quality gamification! If you have a timeline restriction and require a faster working artist, let us know! We can try to accommodate you with our available artist! 

WHEN DO YOU OFFER REFUNDS?: We will consider refunds for services on a case to case basis! Contact us to submit your request for a full or partial refund and we will get back to you! Deposits are nonrefundable regardless of when the cancellation occurs. 

DO YOU ONLY DO WEDDINGS? We do A L L events that require you to get glammed up! Even photoshoots, pageants, and school formals

I'M GETTING MARRIED OUT OF THE COUNTRY. WILL YOU TRAVEL WITH ME?: Yes! Yes! Yes! Absolutely. Our passport and suitcases are packed and ready to go!