EXPERIENCE: Mesa started her bridal career in 2013 after enrolling into a local apprenticeship program. She created Glam to Go in 2019 with help from Sierra and Savana! She has a passion for teaching and now educates all of the support artist before transiting into leads!

SPEICALITY: Perfectly Polished+ Speciality Braiding 

LOVES: When the bride finishes hair + makeup and start to get emotional after she realizes that day she has been dreaming of is finally happening!Usually happens after she finishes hair + makeup. 

LARGEST PARTY: 21 Bridesmaids + the Bride

FEATURED IN: Borrowed and BlueTidewater and Tulle, and Brand Model Magazine x2

FUN FACT:  She can't stand ketchup getting on her skin. 

Mesa Phillips 

Owner, Master Stylist, Educator 

Featured Work

Issues #76 + #430

Spring 2017

Fall 2017 | Support Artist 

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